Reverse Speech and its Uses in Therapy


By David J. Oates
Copyright © 2006


Reverse Speech, the name given to backward messages hidden in human speech, has amazing applications in the therapeutic area. Reverse Speech taps into deeper areas of the mind and as such is capable of revealing information unknown to the conscious mind but available to the amazing resources of the unconscious mind.  

Your unconscious mind knows all about you. It knows your likes and dislikes. It knows and understands your emotional and psychological needs. It understands what causes your physical ailments and it even knows solutions to various problems, psychological and physical. Sometimes the unconscious mind can sabotage our success as it follows pre-programmed behavioural patterns. There are various modalities that can tap into certain areas of the unconscious mind but none is as effective as Reverse Speech and this is because you can actually hear the unconscious talking to you in its own audible voice.

To give an example of this, in one case a client was talking forwards about moving forwards in her life. She had a speech reversal, however, that said, “I am wanting new grief.” In another case, a businessman wanting to build his business had a speech reversal that said “I am stupid. Following new muck.” And yet another case sees a woman saying in reverse, “My need for pain.” All of these cases show the unconscious mind sabotaging conscious desires and following predetermined negative patterns. Without dealing with the unconscious sabotage, no amount of therapy will change these people’s outcomes in the physical world.

So, how do you deal with unconscious sabotage and change the outcomes? Well, amazingly, Reverse Speech will give the answer for this as well. Just as the unconscious can sabotage us, it can also show us how to change this sabotage if asked the right questions. In one case as a woman talked about a deteriorating financial situation, a speech reversal occurred that said “Work on my grief.” In another case as a woman was talking about improving her current state of depression, she said in reverse, “Need more sunlight.” In both of these cases the unconscious spoke directly and gave solutions for current problems.

In another rather ominous case, a wife was talking about ways to improve her marriage. A speech reversal occurred that said, “Heal the love while you’re living.” This reversal gave a sense of urgency about the matter. Only a few short days later, the woman was almost killed in a domestic dispute. The reversal had been spot on in its revelations.

Reverse Speech can pinpoint areas of concerns in other ways as well. For example as one client talked about her a recurring pattern of failure in relationships, a speech reversal occurred that said “I have been molested.” This reversal pinpointed a series of events in her past that had affected her ability to have healthy lasting relationships, thus giving us a specific area to work on.  Another client, as he talked about his need for love, had a reversal that simply said, “The childhood.” This also gave us, the therapist and client, a specific area to work on and explore.

One client, who was suffering from asthma, had a puzzling reversal that said, “Under the floor, Puss in my head.” So, the client’s husband looked under floor boards of the house and found 18 inches of mould growing under the house. They cleaned out the mould and the symptoms of her asthma dramatically reduced. Reverse Speech was able to tap into the unconscious mind and find information unknown to the conscious mind.

Some clients use Reverse Speech to give them insight into personal issues. For example as one young man talked about his current relationship, he had a speech reversal that said, “This is shallow, abandon it.” His unconscious was tapping into deeper wisdom inside that knew this relationship was not good for him. On the same vein a woman had some uncertainties about her current relationship. Her speech reversals confirmed her concerns and said, “Yeah walk away.” She followed the advice of her reversals and within a very short space of time she met another man who she is now very happy with.

Reverse Speech has proven itself to be an amazing source of help and information in the 16 years that I have been using it in therapy. This article only cursorily glances at its uses and applications. In further articles I will explore this area deeper. To try Reverse Speech out for yourself contact the Reverse Speech offices via the website at

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