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David Rockefeller

Donald Trump

Queen's address to the United Nations - July 2010

Tiger Woods Apology

Charles Manson

Martin Luther King

Ted Bundy

Tammy Faye Messner

Secrets of the Skull and Bones

An Ultimatum to the Illuminati - Benjamin Fulford

Paris Hilton

Anna Nicole Smith

The Queen

John Mark Karr

Joran VanderSloot

Michael Schiavo

Scott Peterson

Kobe Bryant

The Azaria Chamberlain Case

Courtney Love

Celebrity Reversals

Judas Priest Reversal Trial

O. J. Simpson

Reversals from Phenomenon the Movie

Jon Benet Ramsey

Scandals in International cricket

TWA Flight 800 FBI Press Conference

Sports Figure Reversals

Sonny Bono Funeral Reversals

Courtney Love Interview

The Hindenburg Disaster

David Koresh



State of the Union 2012

US Presidential candidate, Rick Santorum

US Presidential candidate, Ron Paul

US Presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich

US Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney

Barack Obama in Australia November 2011

British PM, David Cameron October 2011

US Presidential candidate, Herman Cain October 2011

US Presidential candidate, Michele Bachmann October 2011  

Benjamin Netanyahu addressing Congress May 2011

Barack Obama in the UK May 2011

The Death of Osama Bin Laden

Sarah Palin at a Tea Party Rally - April 2011

Barack Obama in Washington DC April 2011

Barack Obama 18th August 2010

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Defense Secretary Robert Gates

Barack Obama in Chicago

Barack Obama at Disabled Veterans Convention

Barack Obama at the DNC in Atlanta

Sarah Palin at the Tea Party Convention

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

VP Joe Biden on the Recovery Act

Barack Obama in Detroit

Barack Obama on Education

Barack Obama on The View

Vice President Joe Biden - July 2010

Australian Election Debate - July 2010

Michelle Obama

British Prime Minister, David Cameron - July 2010

Obama on the Economy - July 2010

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu - July 2010

Obama Address - July 2010

Obama/Netanyahu Press Conference - July 2010

Reversals on Australia's new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard

Obama address to the Nation on BP Oil Spill - June 2010

State of the Union - January 2010

Reversals on British PM Gordon Brown July 2009

Reversals on Barack Obama July 2009

Miscellaneous Election 08 Reversals

Third Debate with Obama and McCain

Larry Sinclair second interview about Obama sex/drug scandal

Stunning Barack Obama Gay Sex and Drug allegations

Hillary Clinton Rally February 2008

John McCain Rally February 2008

Barak Obama Rally February 2008

Obama/Clinton Democratic debate February 2008

Dick Cheney on Larry King August 1st 2007

George Bush in Ireland

George Bush in South Carolina July 23 2007

George Bush Press Conference July 12 2007

Hillary Clinton web chat January 23 2007

State Of The Union 2007

George Bush on the Congress and Senate

Hillary Clinton declares her Candidacy

Vice President Dick Cheney

Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice

President Bush - January 8th 2007

Bush/Blair Press Conference 28/7/06

The State of The Union address - January 2006

US Presidential Race 2004

Inside The Mind Of George W. Bush

Australian Prime Minister, John Howard

Leader of Australian Labor Party, Mark Latham

George Bush and Current Events 2003

The war on Terror

Australian Politicians

US Presidential Race 2000

Reversals on the Kosovo Conflict

IMPEACHED! Hear the reversals

Clinton's Attack On Iraq

Bill Clinton on IRAQ

Colonel Gadhafi - Press Conference

Clinton and the Terrorist Attacks

Clinton's April 1998 Speech at JPL

Clinton's 1998 State of the Union Address

Clinton Sex Scandal Reversals

Original Bill Clinton Reversals

Al Gore MLK Speech Reversals

British Prime Minister Tony Blair

Clinton Budget Address

Hillary Clinton

1996 Presidential Debates

More Senator Bob Dole

Election Night

Presidential Inauguration w/Billy Graham



Did we go to the moon or not?

Apollo Astronauts

UFO over Phoenix


Coast To Coast Guests

Al Bielek - The Philadelphia Experiment

Reversals On Richard C. Hoagland

JPL Kent Exposed

Major Ed Dames, Remote Viewing

Mark Fuhrman Interview on Art Bell

Zahi Hawass Reversals

Harlot the Witch

Victor and the Alien Interrogation Video

Area 51 Caller Line / Satellite Loss

Colonel Phillip Corso

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