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Your personal invitation to establish yourself as a pioneer of linguistics and the unconscious mind by becoming a Reverse SpeechTM Practitioner…

Following 30 + years of study, research and training… it’s time for me to think about the future of Reverse SpeechTM, to ensure my legacy, the findings I’ve uncovered and the progress in decoding the unconscious mind continues to develop and grow.

I’m searching for passionate and caring individuals who want to help humanity overcome its internal problems, interpret and quiet down the dialogue of the mind to allow everyone to achieve greatness.

Training in and Learning Reverse SpeechTM is exciting. It’s a whole new adventure into new territory.

The students of today will be the leaders of tomorrow, which is why we are looking for pioneers – those people who are willing to study the tried and proven techniques that are taught in the training program, then take these techniques and skills out to the world and put them into practice.

Could that be you?

Becoming a Reverse SpeechTM Practitioner (that’s the term I use for Coaches trained in the practice) requires a special kind of person…

You don’t need a degree, have previous experience as or be a coach BUT you do need to want to learn, you need patience and you need determination – you are after all joining an exclusive group of highly trained people with extraordinary knowledge and expertise capable of effecting lasting positive changes for those that seek your help.

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“David Oates brought his genius, skill and determination, displayed in his pursuit and development of Reverse Speech, to his therapeutic work. With his unique investigative tool, David is able to engage the therapeutic patient very rapidly and intensely. This can introduce rapid change quickly, even in chronic situation.”
John Suess, Founder of MYNDSLINK
“I believe that his work is of the highest importance – breaking entirely new ground and with significant implications for the way we understand and utilize our human capacities for communication.”
Dr. Timothy Pascoe, PH.D. (Cantab.), M.B.A. (Harvard), B.E., B.EC. (Adelaide)
“David is at the point entirely satisfied that he has many, many examples to demonstrate the phenomena…….The notion that language can carry extra secondary and tertiary messages as well as the overt manifest content is well known to many of you who have studied the works of Dr. Erickson, where double and triple messages are the standard practise in such a device.”
Dr. John Grinder, Co-Founder of NLP

How Can You Use Reverse SpeechTM To Help People?

Reverse SpeechTM is extremely effective in the treatment of all number of issues both physical and mental

The Reverse SpeechTM process is like no other form of Personal Development or therapy you may have experienced or practiced, consistently proving more accurate than TLT and EFT, and always delivering quicker, longer lasting results than NLP and Hypnosis, all with ZERO effort!

The Reverse SpeechTM Certifications

There are 3 levels of Reverse SpeechTM training and certification available:

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Reverse SpeechTM Investigator

The investigator course covers the basic theories of Reverse SpeechTM and the first analysis skills the new student needs to know to find and interpret genuine speech reversals.

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Reverse SpeechTM Analyst

This analyst covers metaphors, detailed prompting techniques and comprehensive reversal analysis. It also covers marketing techniques to help build your business.

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Reverse SpeechTM Practitioner

This practitioner course teaches hypnosis and Metaphor Restructuring, a technique creates a powerful behavioural change using Reverse SpeechTM.

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Upcoming Training Courses

Select one of the upcoming training courses below to get started…

The Reverse SpeechTM 2018 Live Online Professional Training Course

This course is taught by David Oates with whom you’ll have live interaction with via Skype. You will learn all you need to know to become a professional Reverse SpeechTM Analyst. Regular price $2497, today $2297.

Alternatively, pay in 6 monthly installments of $400.

No prerequisites, this course includes the Investigators Certification and the Analyst Certification upon completion.

What’s included in this Course:

  • 2 Reverse SpeechTM training manuals
  • The Reverse SpeechTM Metaphor Dictionary
  • How to use the Reverse Speech software
  • How to accurately document genuine speech reversals
  • How to determine what speech reversals mean
  • How to conduct conversations to get the greatest numbers of reversals
  • How the human mind creates behaviour and personality with metaphors
  • Regular progress reports
  • Full technical support
  • First year membership of the International Association of Reverse SpeechTM Consultants, Ltd.
  • Certificates upon completion
  • Reverse SpeechTM Professional Software [RRP $99.95]

You must be prepared to spend about 15 hours a week on study if you are to succeed in this course – course takes 6 months to complete with a 3 hour class every 2 weeks, 12 classes total.

Course Fees Are Non-Refundable

9:00 PM to Midnight London time (GMT) 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM New York time (EST) - Sunday morning 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM Sydney Australia time (AEDT).

Save $200 – When You Register for Online Training Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need any special qualifications or experience?

No there aren’t any prerequisites for learning Reverse SpeechTM all I ask is that you are ready to commit to the necessary work required to master this powerful technique.

How do I become a Practitioner?

Reverse Speech Practitioners conduct behavioural changes using metawalks. The course is also taught on line. If you are interested in becoming a practitioner you need to first graduate from the Level Two course – Reverse Speech Analyst.

For further details please contact us directly at

How long does it take before I can begin working with clients?

That depends on the amount of time you can commit to your training. In some cases I have trained and qualified some excellent practitioners in as little as 12 months.

Do I require any special equipment in order to study Reverse SpeechTM?

Yes, you will require the Reverse SpeechTM Professional Software. However if you join the Online Professional Analyst course this is included with your order

What is the Reverse SpeechTM Pro software?

It’s a specially created piece of audio editing software David Oates commissioned to support his work with Reverse SpeechTM

You can find out more here:

Who will be training me on the course?

David Oates, the founder of Reverse SpeechTM, will be conducting your training sessions.