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After ONLY 8 Private Sessions With David Oates You Can Experience a Lasting, Life-Changing BREAKTHROUGH!
Smash Through Unconscious Barriers, Uncover and Erase Deep-Seated Negative Beliefs, and Rewrite the Programs Running on Autopilot in Your Mind!
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Your personal invitation to experience the wonders of Reverse Speech sessions…

For over 30-years David Oates has researched and practiced Reverse Speech and Metaphor Restructuring, helping 1,000’s of people, from all walks of life break-free from the outdated unconscious programming that currently controls their lives, dictate their actions and hold them back from living the life they desire.

And now – for the first time in over 5 years – David’s opening up his private session calendar to new clients!

This is YOUR opportunity to work directly with David, as for a limited time and to ensure the continued awareness of the power and effectiveness of Reverse Speech and Metaphor Restructuring, he is publicly accepting applications for Private Session work.

David’s can provide in-depth analysis and improvement of ANY situation you might want to address; such as to ensure you maintain a competitive edge over those around you, stay connected to your loved ones and remain in tune with your body.

While working with David, he will uncover any hidden blocks buried deep within your subconscious that are holding you back, and then remove them so you can reach your full potential.

Get in touch now to secure your spot:

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“Working with David, I was able to see exactly what was going on and why it was going on. In four months time I completely transformed a situation I had been working on for 20 years.”
Ken Kettler - Professional Golfer , San Diego, CA
“I needed help with finances and couldn’t seem to get it together with money. David did some reversals and trance work with me and then, within sixth months, my business was turning over $100K a month.”
R. Sharman, Tasmania, Australia
“Reverse Speech has given me more freedom in my life. Obstacles that limited me are not there anymore. I am studying for a new career that I would only have dreamed about before.”
Irene Weston - Engineer, Washington, D.C.

Solve or Resolve ANY Situation or Problem

Reverse Speech sessions are extremely effective in the treatment of all number of issues both physical and mental.

The Reverse Speech Private Session process is like no other form of Personal Development you may have experienced, consistently proving more accurate than TLT and EFT, and always delivering quicker, longer lasting results than NLP and Hypnosis, all with ZERO effort!

What’s Included In The Private Sessions?

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You can choose to work on ANY topic you desire, although it is recommend to focus on a maximum of two, you’ll often find other issues are resolved as a by product of the work carried out on the topics of choice.

Private Sessions consist of 8 one-on-one phone calls with David:

  • Step 1: Discovery – You’ll discuss the topics you wish to address in your sessions with David.
  • Step 2: Analysis #1 – David will use Reverse Speech to analyze how you’re communicating about these topics at a subconscious level.
  • Step 3: Problem Solving  – You’ll discuss with David the reasons for any negative reversals, and figure out solutions to solving them together.
  • Step 4: Metawalk #1  – David will guide you into a trance and use metaphor restructuring to create profound change at an unconscious level.
  • Step 5: Metawalk #2 – David will guide you into a second trance to reinforce the unconscious restructuring that was started in the first metawalk.
  • Step 6: Evaluation – You’ll discuss with David any changes that have occurred over the course of the private sessions so far.
  • Step 7: Analysis #2  – David will go over the reversals found during step 6, and compare them with you to reversals found previous to the metawalks.
  • Step 8: Final Metawalk  – David will guide you into a final trance to solidify the positives changes created throughout your private sessions.

Success Stories

In his 30+ year career David has worked with 1000’s of clients, using his unique metaphor restructuring technique to address a wide range of problem areas.

His natural affinity for understanding and solving the complex problems of the unconscious mind, combined with his ground-breaking research into the Reverse Speech phenomena, have turned him into a highly sought and strongly praised therapist.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials and thank you messages David has received throughout his career. The names have been with held to maintain client confidentiality.

Case Study #1


After a round of private sessions, this client witnessed a dramatic reduction in her excema.

Case Study #2

Chronic Headaches

This client no longer suffers chronic headaches after a round of private sessions.

“Recently I worked with David Oates. He has some truly innovative ways he uses Hypnosis that I have never seen before – and it is easy. We worked on clearing some of my lifetime challenges, both health and personal. While I am still working on the health challenges, many of my personal challenges have lessened, such as stress, upset, anger, etc. It is a very nice feeling to like myself better and have my life go smoother. David was a blessing to me.”
“Hi David, I just wanted to say thank you for doing your work. As a result of your Metawalks, I began a spiritual journey that has profoundly changed my life in ways I could not even have imagined a year ago. I really can’t express my gratitude enough. Thanks for all your help (and patience!). All the best.”
“Reverse Speech has given me more freedom in my life. Obstacles that limited me are not there anymore. I am studying for a new career that I would only have dreamed about before.”
“The biggest benefit of my Reverse Speech work was having my sexual abuse acknowledged and having acceptance for the love I felt for my Dad.”
“Having worked with David, I can attest to the power and profoundness of the changes in my own life. He untangles the neurotic structures of outdated belief systems and empowers you to make beneficial changes on all levels of living. His great advantage is the relatively short time involved to make lasting changes compared to years of counseling in which the subconscious is glimpsed but seldom spoken or listened to directly. The integrity of his method is the ego and beliefs of the facilitator is set aside and the subconscious of the individual client is directly accessed to give the information on the changes needed to heal the individual by their own subconscious. I highly recommend this paradigm for all those who want fast lasting changes in their lives.”
“After working with David, I feel like I FINALLY cut off the chains that kept me from being who I truly am. And best of all, I didn’t have to do anything! It happened “overnight”, so to say. Friends noticed my change first. “You look so different! You are so radiant, you look so happy, your eyes, how they sparkle!” For me it is such a natural state, that I hardly remember how I felt before the session work. And to be frank, I don’t have the slightest desire to recall my existence before Life began!”
“Since doing the Reverse Speech Sessions with you I have lost 11 pounds!!! It feels like they are magically disappearing. I had been obsessive/compulsive about food all of my life and for the first time feel like I have a “normal” relationship with food. And I am not dieting! The sessions themselves were great, I have never experienced such deep trance work. I really enjoyed them. It’s nice to know that transforming what seemed like ‘the never-ending battle that would never end’ doesn’t have to be painful. Now that my ‘life-problem’ has been handled, I can get on with my life. Thanks David!!! I actually didn’t think it could happen, I’m very glad I was wrong.”

Visit the testimonial page for more examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much do private sessions cost?

Prices vary through the year. During your free consultation with David he will give you a quote for continuing with a full round of private sessions. Your investment can be split into easier-to-manage payment plans for your convenience. All major credit cards are accepted.

How soon before I will start to see results?

By the 6th session, most clients have begun to notice the first signs of changes. This is often experienced as a feeling of confidence or being grounded. Many clients will have begun to notice synchronicities in their lives, or those meaningful “coincidences”. The changes then continue to grow and expand over the next few weeks and months.

How are the private sessions with David conducted?

Each session is conducted over the phone or via Skype, dependent on a strong enough internet connection to support high-quality audio.

What is metaphor restructuring?

Metaphorical Restructuring is the name given to a unique technique, created by David, for working with the human mind – utilizing a combination of hypnosis and Reverse Speech therapy. To learn more about the technique, read this article by David.