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Imagine being able to hear the voice of your spirit speaking to you in audible terms. What if you could have a two way dialogue with your inner self? Maybe even ask questions and get answers? Sound impossible? Maybe not. This is the incredible possibility offered by the new and emerging field of Reverse Speech. This new theory claims that language is bi-level, that hidden within the sounds of our speech there is another communication transpiring at the same time. This communication occurs in the reverse of the forward speech and is the voice of the unconscious mind.

With Reverse Speech session work, your voice is recorded and analysed to find the reverse messages. These messages will generally give an accurate description of what is transpiring at an unconscious level and reveal the causes for current behaviour. This can often reduce the therapeutic process by months or years, because it allows us to see precisely what is creating your current personal issues. You will hear these speech reversals for yourself in your second session. Following this step, a further taping is then conducted to ask the unconscious mind how these behaviours and patterns can be shifted or altered according to desired outcomes. The reverse messages in this taping usually reveal some very precise steps that can be taken to change the unconscious structures.

Many times these unconscious instructions come in the form of metaphors, or pictures and images. This is because, according to discoveries made with Reverse Speech research, the deep unconscious mind thinks and processes behaviour with metaphors and archetypes.

Behavioural change is then achieved by changing these unconscious metaphorical structures. This is accomplished using a series of unique guided visualization journeys called Metawalks. With a Metawalk you are taken through a pictorial journey in the unconscious mind where you see these metaphors and then change them according to the instructions given with the previous reverse messages. As the pictures or metaphors are changed with this process, so too, do unconscious structures, behaviours and the world around you also change.

If you ever felt you were held back by something, or you’re not reaching your full potential, then one on one personal session work may provide your answers. If you want stronger motivation, better relationships, an improved mental attitude, or if you are looking for advice on an important decision, or life’s direction, then Reverse Speech is for you!

All sessions can be conducted over the telephone. Credit cards are accepted and payment plans can be arranged on request. Call for current prices.

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