Volume 3, Issue 4 (October 1991)

The Official Journal Of
The Reverse Speech Education And Research Institute (USA)
Revcom - The Society For Reversed Communication Research (Australia)

"Backtalk" is an international journal that reports exclusively on the ongoing research into Reverse Speech. It is produced with the joint effort of Reverse Speech researchers in both Australia and the United States Of America.
Publisher: David J. Oates


As I sit here at my desk, two weeks away from the official release of my book, I am, surprisingly, troubled. This issue of BackTalk is three weeks late due mainly to my own failure to get down to it and get it done. My mind has been filled with Reverse Speech. Where it has been, where it is now and where it is going in the future and I have been unable to decide on a theme for this issue.

Do I talk about the promises that Reverse Speech holds for the sociological growth of our planet, the possibilities of personal psychological repair, disease prevention or even a new breakthrough in investigative work or the streamlining of the corporate field? Or do I talk about the problems created by my increased growth and understanding of the power of Reverse Speech - reversal denial, transference, a deeper regression into psychosis, copy merchants who will only pervert the technology that I have striven so hard to protect? Or maybe I should even consider discussing the increasing occurrence of internal corporate politics and power plays.

Have I discovered an exciting new path into the unconscious mind or have I opened Pandora's box and unleashed demons that should have never been released? Who chose me for this job anyway? I don't ever remember filling out an employment application form.

I have always tried to be open and honest in my research and the reporting of my results. I have always tried to be open about myself, my own struggles and who I am. Yet this openness seems to be creating problems of its own. Only recently my own personal religious beliefs have come under attack. Not because I talk about them but because I don't talk about them!

A little less than two years ago, I would have been elated to be in the position that I am now in. My book finally out. Three training classes starting in November, some official interest from police departments and investigative agencies, and even some mainstream academics are peeping through the woodwork, being very careful not to let their colleagues see them. My wife has stopped working and Reverse Speech has finally become self sufficient, supporting my family, my business and, in the great American tradition, my lawyers.

I was asked recently why I don't chase media. I don't know. A new student registered for the Dallas training just last night. I felt his excitement as I felt it years ago as I realized what Reverse Speech was all about. Yet I did not share his excitement. Have I been doing it too long? Is it becoming old hat to me or am I just going through a transition from the old to the new? I don't know.

I look at the training class that has just finished and I see eight students moving on to become Advanced Analysts and Trainers. The largest Advanced class yet assembled. Yet I also see those who didn't make it. Those who struggled hard, put up with my stringent guidelines, made it all the way through the course yet did not turn in their final graduation assignments. Surely it is not that hard. I mean if I, an Australian Insurance salesman from the bush with no academic qualifications, can do it why can't others who are far more qualified than me?

What is this block that people experience? Why is there an initial surge of excitement followed by lack of interest shortly afterwards? Why do I still feel alone, as though it is only me forging ahead? I know that is not true, yet this feeling still lingers.

Reverse Speech Developer, Paul Von Stroheim, wrote a powerful challenging letter that was published in last issue's "Letters To The Editor". Yet the response to that letter has been no response.

Since I have lived in the United States, more than two years now, I have come to appreciate its roots, its pioneering spirit, its values of democracy and freedom in a way that I never have before. My last trip to Washington DC was awe inspiring as I walked through Capitol Hill and saw Reverse Speech metaphors painted on the walls and ceilings. I read the words of Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and the other founding fathers of this great nation called the United States Of America. I see the power, strength and comradeship of the union. Yet it all seems to be empty words and forgotten values for most of its citizens. A dream hidden behind bureaucracy, red tape and volumes of law books.

Where is that pioneering spirit today as we rapidly head towards the 21st century? Have we become Complacent? Is that what it is that I am experiencing? Or is it fear of what lies ahead of me?

Sometimes I feel as though I cannot carry this work by myself. I know that I have the skills and the stamina to introduce to America and the world the scientifically proven phenomena of Reverse Speech. But .... Ah! I don't know.

So I guess you could call this editorial a battle cry, or to use a Reverse Speech metaphor, "My wolf is howling for a pack"

Does anyone listen?

David Oates

By: David J. Oates

Subliminal messages. They have been around for years. Flashing pictures on movie screens too fast for the eye to see. Audio tracks, forwards and backwards - fast and slow, superimposed onto tape recordings below conscious perception. Self growth, stop smoking, buy soft drinks, become a super salesman etc. etc. Do they work? Some say they do, others say they don't. Volumes of books can be found in any library on subliminal messages. Court cases have been won and lost by people claiming mind control, the ultimate in big brother.

Recently disturbing comparisons have been drawn between Reverse Speech and subliminal messages, claiming that Reverse Speech provides the ultimate proof that subliminals really do work. Well, I am sorry to disappoint those who make these claims, with little knowledge of what Reverse Speech is all about, but the two are totally different.

For a start, subliminal messages are a man made insertion, a technical process. And I would even go so far as to say, according to my research into Reverse Speech, they simply don't work as effectively as their proponents would claim that they do. You cannot change someone who does not want to be changed and you cannot force someone to do something that they do not want to do.

Reverse Speech on the other hand, is a natural function of the human mind. There are no tricks, there are no insertions. It is simply the mind doing what it has always done. To compare the two is like comparing a televised picture of the Grand Canyon to the sight of your own eyes, standing on its edge, gazing at the wonders. I have seen pictures and documentaries of the Grand Canyon many times, but it was not until I had seen it with my own eyes that I grasped the majesty of this phenomenal sight.

One of the most significant things I have discovered with Reverse Speech, is the unconscious mind has a free will. The same free will that the conscious mind has, maybe even more so. It has the freedom to accept or reject a message given with speech reversals, whether it be a command, an invitation for conversation or even a warning from the person speaking not to associate with him. This is evidenced by many factors.

First, Electroencephalograph testing we have undertaken, clearly indicate either a marked increase in concentration levels or a marked decrease in concentration levels by the person listening, depending on whether that person's belief systems line up with the reversal being delivered at the time. This would seem to suggest the unconscious mind will not listen to, or process, a reversed message that is contrary to its own individual patterns or beliefs.

Second, I have seen commands in reverse that have not been responded to. On the same token I have seen commands given in reverse that have been responded to. I have documented entire reversed conversations on many occasions with people in good rapport and I have seen reversed conversations suddenly terminated by another party for no apparent reason. I have documented reversals that have said things like "Get my car keys", only to see a response of "Get fucked.''

So my question is this. If speech reversals, which are a natural function of the human mind, can be rejected - how much more can man made subliminal messages be rejected, if the person does not want to receive them? Will the unconscious mind be more find the comparison of the artificial heart project, which has since been discontinued and used for temporary measures only, to be an appropriate example of man made attempts to duplicate the bodily functions. A patient has a far greater chance of surviving with a real transplanted heart. A real kidney is a far more effective alternate to a dialysis machine.

However, I am not denying that in some cases subliminal messages may work but it would seem to be logical to me that the key element to their acceptance lies not in the message itself, but rather lies in the belief of the person listening to the message.

I can remember many years ago, when my fire and passion for insurance (my former career) suddenly died almost overnight. I was desperate to get it back and I purchased, at great expense, a set of ten subliminal tapes that were guaranteed to make anyone into a great salesman. I listened to them in the morning, in the evening and even had them playing while I was sleeping. Guess what, my career is no longer insurance and for someone to even mention to me the possibility of myself marketing and packaging Reverse Speech into a salable commodity sends shivers down my spine. I do not want to sell! You do it, but don't ask me. Just put me in front of a group of people and let me do what I do best - lecture and teach others about the technology.

The latest criticism to arise is reversal control. This is nothing short of mind control, the critics say. Well, maybe that criticism I deserve to receive because in my zeal and excitement over a new process that has been added to the technology, I have forgotten to say that it does not always work. By work, I mean that the controlled reversals do not always prompt the behavior they are "programmed" to prompt.

Put simply, reversal control is a meditation technique whereby a person will get in contact with that part of their mind responsible for the formulation and delivery of speech reversals and instruct it to deliver specific reversals. I will sometimes use reversal control in my classes to try and emphasize a particular point. My purpose is to achieve congruity with what my conscious mind is saying compared to what my unconscious mind is saying. In the last issue of Backtalk I talked about a reversal control experiment that worked particularly well. But, I forgot to mention that it worked well because that is what the person I was talking to really wanted to have happen anyway.

The extra emphasis of directed reversals only helped facilitate the outcome I was seeking. However, there have been times when it has not worked. For example, a time when I was seeking investment funds for Reverse Speech. I built in as many reversal control commands as I possibly could and was convinced that the funds were assured. Well, guess what, the investor pulled out.

I now see the advantages of reversal control differently to what I first saw them to be. Without discussing the moral implications of this technique, for a person who knows their reversals are going to be analyzed and there are certain pieces of information they do not want to have revealed, then reversal control is a must! For a person who wants to ensure his conscious verbal messages are in line with his unconscious verbal messages, then reversal control is also a must!

However complications arise for if the person is NOT congruent with his intent on all levels, whilst his reversals may appear to indicate congruity, his body signals of incongruity will tend to increase. Thus, there are complications. [It should be noted, however, that whilst reversal control may delete information, reversals cannot lie.]

But, for a person who wants to convince another person to do something specific, then reversal control will only add strength to his position if the other person wants what is being suggested but needs a little extra push. I re-emphasize, however, that if there is not unconscious consent, no amount of reversal control will have any effect. Even more so, I believe, in the case of artificially created subliminal messages.

The real advantage of Reverse Speech, at this current stage of research lies in its analytical skills - in its ability to locate causes of incongruity and therefore tackle and hopefully alter those causes, thus creating genuine congruity rather than artificially created congruity.

For our regular readers, I want to re-state that whilst we endeavor to report all aspects of this tech- nology and new areas of research, currently the only aspect that we can be sure of is its powerful and effective analytical methods.

In conclusion, I want to state that I am not an expert of subliminal messages and will never claim to be. I am, however, an expert on Reverse Speech and what it has taught me in regards to the nature of the unconscious mind is, in part, its great ability of free choice and logical, literal rational.

I find very little comparisons with subliminal messages and Reverse Speech and that is the position that both myself and the Reverse Speech Education and Research Institute will take.

By Jenine Alexander

Reverse Speech has clearly demonstrated to us that we operate our lives based on structures rooted deeply in our unconscious. The language of Reverse Speech is often in metaphors; operational (how we run our lives) and structural (why we run our lives). There is strong evidence behind the language of Reverse Speech structural metaphors to suggest that WE ALL access a universal collective unconscious

But for the skeptics who want visual scientific evidence, do we have proof that the growth of information moves by way of a universal collective unconscious? John Keyes, Jr., did not use those exact words when he wrote about the HUNDREDTH MONKEY phenomenon in his book by the same name, but here is that story:

Japanese scientists had had the monkey, "Macaca Fuscata", under observation in the wild for over 30 years when in 1952, the scientists started providing the monkeys with sweet potatoes for food. On the island of Koshima, an 18-month old female, named "IMO", found the dirt on her sweet potato unpleasant, so she solved the problem by washing the potato in the ocean. The scientists were impressed.

Next, Imo's mother imitated her. Then Imo taught this trick to her playmates, and some of their mothers also learned the new way. The cultural innovation was gradually picked up by various monkeys, before the eyes of the scientists. Between 1952 and 1958 all the young monkeys learned to wash the sandy sweet potatoes and make them more palatable. Only the adults which imitated their children learned this social improvement; other adults continued to eat the dirty sweet potatoes.

By the autumn of 1958, a sizable number of monkeys on Koshima Island were washing their sweet potatoes, the exact number is unknown, but let us say that as the sun rose that autumn morning, the number of monkeys washing their sweet potatoes was 99. As the sun moved a little higher, one more monkey, the hundredth, learned to wash his potato.

Then something startling took place. By that evening, almost everyone in the tribe was washing sweet potatoes before eating them. The added energy of that hundredth monkey somehow created an ideological breakthrough!

More surprising still to the watching scientists, after six years since Imo first washed her potato, and no monkeys on other islands washed theirs, the habit of washing sweet potatoes then spontaneously jumped across the sea! Colonies of monkeys on other islands, and the mainland troop of monkeys at Takasakiyama, all began washing their sweet potatoes! Thus came a proposed hypothesis that when a certain critical number achieves an awareness, this new awareness may then be communicated from mind to mind. (The method of this communication is unknown.)

The HUNDREDTH MONKEY phenomenon indicates that where only a limited number of people know a new awareness, that knowledge may remain the consciousness property of only these people, but there is a point at which if only one more person tunes in to the new awareness, the field is strengthened so much that this new awareness spontaneously reaches almost everyone!

The newly Certified Reverse Speech Analysts understand how the Universal Collective Unconscious communicates with us. Our job now and the goal of Reverse Speech Founder and Developer, David Oates,- is to bring this awareness to the general public in the interest of the common good. We are charged with the job to keep expanding knowledge of the field into areas where it is needed until that certain number will be met where the HUNDREDTH MONKEY will come aboard. It may not be that far away.



TRAINING Much has been reported in this column on training techniques. This is because it is a constant learning process for the trainers. They are the first people to ever teach Reverse Speech. How do you teach it?

In the classes held in 1990, students wanted to have more information on 2nd and 3rd level reversals, and their interpretations. So the 1991 classes were restructured to give a greater emphasis on the higher levels. This was a mistake, and it caused some students to "go off the deep end" with analysis that included none of the first basic building blocks.

With all the varying factors of training discussed over the years (including tonality, staging, right brain stimulation, trance work, modeling etc. etc.), one factor stands out so obviously, that it has been totally forgotten. It happens gradually.

Babies first learn to crawl, before they can walk, before they can run, before they can compete in multi-event games. Before the gold medals. And to get to games and medals requires shear brute force sweat and tears.

The 1992 classes just beginning will have a different emphasis again. First level reversals first. Complementary relationships, a total understanding of these relationships (congruent, expansive, lead etc). The "magic" tricks that have been tried to accelerate the learning curve have not been as effective as we would have liked.

Learning Reverse Speech is learning the nature of the unconscious mind. We will no longer be throwing beginning computer operators, who haven't even learned yet how to punch the keys, into major computer programming, let alone understanding all the circuitry or redesigning.

KISS. (Keep it simple stupid.) Stayed tuned for further updates in this column.


Metaphor Restructuring, an experimental technique for behavioral change, has been a constant theme over the last few issues. We have reported the means by which it is accomplished, some of its phenomenal successes and some of its dangers that have already been seen. Here are some more observations.

It does not always work! Research into the cause of this has uncovered some interesting facts. The most common being that in those people who have had great success, the reversals in their original sessions have indicated a desire for change and detailed some techniques to follow. those people with whom this technique has not worked, it has been noticed that while their reversals gave a detailed description of the behavioral pattern running (and, in some cases gave some methods for changing them) they did NOT indicate any desire to change.

So that while on a conscious level, the person honestly wants to change their behavior, on an unconscious level they want to keep it, for whatever reasons of their own. In order for change to be effected there must be "Unconscious Consent" for this change. The unconscious mind must also want to change. One thing that research into Reverse Speech has revealed is that it is the unconscious mind that dictates behavior, makes decisions etc.

Conscious control is only an illusion created by unconscious processes. BUT, the conscious mind can instruct the unconscious mind to "change its mind".

Several conventional methods have been successful in achieving this. Certain forms of counseling, hypnosis, NLP, metaphor work etc. However, the key lies in achieving unconscious consent for change.

In order to communicate with the unconscious mind, one must first understand its language. Reverse Speech is its verbal language. Reverse Speech metaphors are the pictorial descriptors (or movies) it uses to describe its mental functions.

So, we are now beginning to analyze reversals for unconscious consent. If that unconscious consent is not there, we are trying to find out why it is not there and what would the unconscious mind be willing to accept. This is being experimented with using a new prompting technique (far too detailed to go into in this article).

In one case, the unconscious mind gave some parameters under which it would accept change. These were followed rigidly in the metaphor restructuring technique, and the subject reported immediate and powerful changes with one, somewhat annoying, side effect. He had a severe "pain in the ass" for several days afterwards. What's the metaphor behind that?? It was a "Rocelin" pattern that was being worked on. Interesting!


On that point, it has been observed that definite physical symptoms or manifestations will often occur with both the metaphor restructuring technique and also with student training. New students will frequently report vivid dreams, or high emotions in their first few weeks of training. One student even began to walk in her sleep. Fortunately, these symptoms do not last long, but their occurrence does raise a major question that is currently being addressed by the Research Institute.

It has also been noted that, even with veteran analysts, when analyzing a tape that has a strong emotional attachment to the analyst, the analyst will begin to experience the same symptoms that were expressed in reverse on the tape being analyzed.

Could it be something to do with the power of reversals? We are dealing with the unconscious mind and factors that have never been experienced before.

This problem, and the ability to remain separate from the tape, or to analyze from a third person position rather than a first person position, will be addressed in the Advanced course just beginning.


Much work has been done on updating the Reverse Speech Dictionary over the last two months. This dictionary now lists in excess of 350 metaphors, detailing some of their possible meanings in Reverse Speech. In addition, key structural and operational metaphors have been divided into "Metaphor Groups". That is: several metaphors that all relate to each other have been categorized together. Hopefully this will make reversal interpretation easier and more accurate as the analyst can determine with greater ease what are the main behavioral metaphors functioning in any one session transcript. This dictionary is in a constant state of refinement and updates will be sent to all Backtalk subscribers Bi-annually.

By David Oates and Greg Albrecht

In the tradition of Halloween, we I have decided to include this article on Satanic messages in Rock and Roll in this October issue. All of this research material was compiled in 1987 by David Oates and Greg Albrecht. This article combines selected portions from Oates and Albrecht's book "Beyond Backward Masking" (published Nov. 1987) and Oates’ book "Reverse Speech: Hidden Messages in Human Communication" (release 11/91).


Melody, rhythm, harmony, tempo, and pitch. Entire societies throughout the ages have expressed themselves with music. Like poetry and literature, music allows us to express our defeats and pain, triumphs, Joys and deep inner struggles. Music chronicles our history, it entertains, excites or soothes us. It expresses the texture, the trends, and the dynamics of our lives.

It's no wonder, then, that some people were initially alarmed, even indignant, to discover "Satan" lurking in the lyrics of certain songs. But, as Greg and I soon discovered, "Satan" was only one tiny aspect of a far greater theme.


In the late 1960's, famed Beatle, the late John Lennon, created a new recording technique when he accidentally spliced in the last part of the song "Rain" backward and liked the effect.1 It was the first of a series of bold experiments in the attempt to be original and to create special effects in The Beatles' music.

Shortly after, an American disk jockey, after receiving an anonymous tip, claimed to have discovered eerie backward messages on some of The Beatle’s albums, which hinted that bass guitarist, Paul McCartney had been killed in an automobile accident. It sparked imagination and, for a time, caused a great deal of attention to be focused on the Beatle’s album. Were there hidden messages? Was Paul McCartney really dead? If he was, who was impersonating him? Probably the most well-known case of this can be found on the song, "Revolution 9," from The White Album. The eight-minute track is a surrealistic collection of disjointed sounds played both forward and backward - radio broadcasts, sirens, applause, screams, laughter, a baby gurgling etc. There are also concealed messages. One of these can be heard under the pandemonium of loud screams and someone calling out "R-a-a-a-pe". When reversed, the words, Let me out, let me out, can be heard. When this was discovered, some people claimed that it represented Paul McCartney calling out from his smashed up Aston Martin, which is where he supposedly "died."

Another backward message on this song, which added fuel to the fire, can be found when the phrase "number nine," repeated throughout the song, is played backward. The words become, turn me on dead man, turn me on dead man. This phrase is not an engineered backward message, but rather the result of a phonetic oddity. It could be said to he coincidence, but, to our minds, this was hard to believe given the inventive mind of John Lennon and the theme of the track.

Yet again, toward the end of "Revolution 9, " there appears to be another deliberate word reversal that's not as innocent as other hidden messages that the track contains. John Lennon calls out (forward) the meaningless sound, "Oom~ha!" Played backward this says, Satan.

Also on The White Album, at the end of the song, "I'm So Tired," there's gibberish that, when played backward, says, Paul is a dead man. Miss him, miss him, miss him.

The Magical Mystery Tour album by the Beatles also contains hidden messages. One can be found at the end of the song, "Strawberry Fields. " A faint voice seems to say (forward): I buried Paul. When questioned about this message, John Lennon told Rolling Stone Magazine that the words were "Cranberry sauce."2

The message is so faint that it's difficult to decide what was actually said. Nevertheless, a controversy erupted when this and other messages were uncovered. Paul had died, or so many believed, and the Beatles' record sales skyrocketed as avid fans searched for these messages.

Further evidence that supported this rumor were tantalizing clues such as a photograph on the cover of Abbey Road that shows Paul walking barefoot across a road with the other Beatles. Why was he barefoot? Because that's how he was buried, or so the story goes. A white Volkswagon in the background of the album cover has on its number plate 28 IF -- the age Paul McCartney would have been "IF" he had not "died." On the cover of the "Sergeant Pepper's" album, a floral design that represents a guitar was believed by many to really resemble -- Paul?

An aftermath to this incident can be found in an album, Cloud Nine, released many years later by George Harrison. It contains a hidden message at the end of his song, "When We Were Fab," which sings about the old Beatles' days. It is forward, quite faint, and says: Paul isn't dead. The Beatles died.

Of course, Paul McCartney hadn't died and, although the Beatles have never openly admitted to inserting these messages on their albums, in our opinion the entire exercise was a carefully orchestrated marketing strategy designed to boost their failing career at the time. John Lennon had only recently created a massive backlash and the desertion of fans when he said publicly that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ.


Whatever the truth, a new hobby emerged among teenagers across the world: playing records backward. Unknowingly, the Beatles had opened quite a can of worms. In addition to these hidden messages having been discovered, other messages of an unplanned, "eerie" nature were found as well on the recordings of many other artists.

On April 28, 1982, CBS Evening News ran a story stating that 30 teenagers in Huntersville, North Carolina, had organized a mass rock record burning through their church led by a reformed rock-musician-turned minister. The devil was doing it, so they claimed -- possessing the singers and manipulating their voices so that subliminally implanted backward messages could be placed on the record to destroy the youth of America.3

Since that time, these hidden backward messages, and others subsequently found in different recordings by various musicians, have captured the media's attention and led people to speculate on the effects they have on people's behavior. For example, Charles Manson supposedly was driven to a crazed frenzy after allegedly hearing voices in Beatles' music that told him to kill. Mark Chapman murdered Lennon in 1980, after also claiming to hear voices in the Double Fantasy album that told him to kill Lennon.

In a five year legal process that concluded in 1990, Heavy Metal music was placed on trial in Reno, Nevada, following the death of two youths who killed themselves after listening repeatedly to a Judas Priest album. Attorneys for the boys' parents claimed that the album, Stained Class, was "backmasked" with subliminally implanted backward messages.

So what's backmasking really all about? Is it all the product of overactive imaginations? Are rock musicians inserting subliminal messages into their music? Is the devil involved? Or, is there something deeper and much more profound to this whole concept.


There are two types of backward masking that are often confused: intentional and unintentional.

A] Intentional Backward Masking in which a recording studio or artist has spliced an additional recording backward onto the main, master track. This is a fairly easy practice that some bands use for special effects or publicity gimmicks.

Intentional Backward Masking was the type that John Lennon accidentally created with the Beatles' song, "Rain." It's easy to recognize. When listening to the recording forward it can be heard as gibberish. When the record is played backward, the gibberish, or superimposed backward, becomes clearly understandable English. In the case of the song "Rain," strange sounding vocals at the end of the song become an intelligible reprise beginning with the drawn out word Sunshine.

Since these initial experiments by the Beatles with backward masking, other groups have had fun with engineered backmasked messages. For the most part, they appear to be nothing more that a simple marketing exercise and the creation of special effects for recording. A few examples are:

1) Face the Music, by Electric Light Orchestra. The message can be found at the start of the album right at the beginning of the song "Fire on High." Played forward, it sounds like gibberish or a strange language. When reversed, a deep male voice booms out the words: The music is reversable but Time (is not). Turn back, turn back, turn back. (the phrase "is not" is very faint).

2) The Wall, by Pink Floyd. The message can be found at the end of the song "Good-bye Blue Sky" in a small section of the album entitled Empty Spaces. It's on the right track and reverses to say: Congratulations. You have just discovered the secret message. Please send your answer to old pink, care of the funny farm.

3) Coup d'Etat, by the Plasmastics. There's a message on this album that says:

Consensus programming is dangerous to your health. The brainwashed do not know they are brainwashed.

4) Piece of Mind, by Iron Maiden. The backmasked message can be found just before the song "Still Life," and it says: Messin' with things you don't understand.

B] Unintentional Backward Masking in which the message has not been placed by recording techniques, but instead appears among the gibberish, without explanation. The messages are not planned by the artist or by recording studio. Yet, they appear randomly throughout many songs and make complete, intelligible and grammatically correct sentences.

The lyrics and tune of the song are formed in such a way that they say two messages at the same time. One message can be heard forward and the other backward. It's these unintentional backward messages that have caused much of the controversy. Here are some examples:

SATAN> > > "Hotel California," by The Eagles supposedly tells about the 1969 opening of the first Satanic church on California Street in San Francisco.4 The reversal is: Satan organized his own religion.

SEX> > > "Hi, Hi, Hi," by Paul McCartney. Suggestive lyrics forwards. Here are the reversals. Its warm and juicy inside / Who is this woman? If it feels to fuck, I'll fuck you.

DRUGS> > > "Help," by the Beatles: Now he uses marijuana, marijuana. I kissed you once.

LUCIFER SPEAKS> > > "Razzle Dazzle, " by Bill Haley: Satan's power we all respect / Is it Lucifer, the man who speaks.


After the Beatles, religious fundamentalists continued the controversy in their zeal to prove that rock 'n' roll was the work of the devil. Some of their books into the subject and the sermons that they preached during their crusades, however, were so limited in scope, it's no wonder that the idea of Reverse Speech was avoided by society in general.

Jacob Aranza, for example, in his books Backward Masking Unmasked and More Rock, Country, and Backward Masking, quotes fewer than a dozen songs that contain backward messages as partial support for his claims. Most of these were intentionally placed as recording gimmicks. He bases his main argument on an obscure passage found in Magick, a book written by early 20th Century occultist, Aleister Crowley. Aranza states:

"In Aleister Crowley's book, Magick, one of his occultic teachings is that you should learn to talk backwards, write backwards and play phonograph records backwards. This inspired and encouraged the use of backward masking in the record industry and directly tied it to the occult. This was to become a channel for Satanically infiltrating the minds of unsuspecting people... the evil he began continues with us to this day. "5

The passage can be found in Appendix VII, sections (a-f) of Crowley's 500 page book. It says:6

a) Let him (The Adept) learn to write backwards, with either hand.
b) Let him learn to walk backwards.
c) Let him constantly watch, if convenient, cinematograph films, and listen to phonograph records, reversed, and let him so accustom him self to these that they appear natural and appreciable as whole.
d) Let him practice speaking backwards: thus for "I am He" let him say, "Eh ma I."
e) Let him learn to read backwards. In this it is difficult to avoid cheating one's self, as an expert reader sees a sentence at a glance. Let his disciple read aloud to him backwards, slowly at first, then more quickly.
f) Of his own ingenium, let him devise other methods.

This passage is one small part of a much larger section that teaches several techniques of mind regression that are similar to regressive hypnosis. If one follows Aranza's logic to its ultimate conclusion, one must pity dyslexics for they're obviously demon possessed.

We should also be careful not to put our cars into reverse gear for we may be worshipping Satan in the process. An exaggerated analogy for exaggerated arguments that are based more on prejudice than on fact.

In addition, one must wonder why some Fundamentalists are playing records backward and teaching others to do the same, if it's an occult practice.

To further quote Aranza:

"Rock music is laced with lyrics exalting drugs, immorality, homosexuality, violence, and rebellion. As if this wouldn't be enough, there is now a more sinister danger. It's called backward masking ... a technique that rock groups are using to convey Satanic and drug related messages to the subconscious."7

"Some groups that have backward masking on their albums or songs don't realize that though they have not intentionally placed backward Satanic messages in their music, they are simply 'pawns' in hands of Satan. Serving Satan, we must remember, is not falling on our knees and worshipping him only. It can be simply serving ourselves."8

Religious writer, Jeff Godwin, in his book, The Devil's Disciples, which contains a more comprehensive analysis of backward masking, says:

"A debate has been started which win probably out last us all about exactly who or what these voices and messages are and how and where they came from."9

Godwin gets even closer to the truth when he discusses where these backward messages may appear on the album: "It's usually that verse or line that strikes you as odd when you first hear it, or perhaps has a weird double meaning to it as well, that almost always is the backmask."10

Without knowing it, he touched on the core principal of Reverse Speech: Complementarity.


In our initial research, Greg and I intended to trace a theme in reversals over the decades. We documented more than 2,000 reversals in songs and the theme we uncovered was similar to the general spirit and growth of developing musical trends. The reversals found were mostly complementary with the song and the message that it projected.11

In the mid-1920's, as the world was introduced to a new and strange thing called "radio," the BBC put together a nifty little jungle, "Auntie Aggie and the BBC". . .

"[Put on your headphones, tune in your set]. Listen in at half past three. Sit right back, we're gonna have a crack from Auntie Aggie and the BBC. " This is not a noose, no it's bleeding not. The reversal probably addresses fears that people had concerning this new medium of radio.

In World War II, the Andrew sisters released their song, "Rum and Coca Cola." It was a carefree, easy-going song that sang about the oldest pastime known to man, wine and women. The reversals reflected this and the spirit of the times, "Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die." The reversals are: I look out for women / I like it my lovely girl /God, I'll lose you my Lord / And I died the next morning.

"Love Sick Blues," by Patsy Cline contains a reversal that says: Lucifer Fuck off / It was the Lord who saved me / Jesus, he's the one. This is not surprising because it reflects her Christian belief and the general spirit of society and music in the l950's. Likewise, the song "Johnny be Good," by Chuck Berry. Its reversal also reflects his Christian belief and society's state in general during the l950's: I would die for Jesus.

In Buddy Holly's song, "It's Too Late," a combination of both exists as he continues humanity's constant struggle between the positive and negative aspects of its nature told in metaphoric terms: Worship is nowhere. God is dead / Now look Satan, now hear me. You have no hope / I'm dead and thee worship, Lord Jesus. Now look Satan, now hear more. I'm sorry for I despise you.

"This Train," by Peter, Paul, and Mary captures the spirit of the 1960's with its reversal: Lucifer. We rode with madness. As society became more confused with this new movement of radicalism, music became more aggressive, and structural metaphors became more harsh, evident with songs like, "Satisfaction," by the Rolling Stones: Worship Satan. Worship Satan's son and "Tell Mama," by Janis Joplin: Lucifer now. He's in us. He's in all of us.

Then, in 1968, the rock opera Hair opened on Broadway and signaled the end of an era with reversals like: I'm the next Nazi and The Whirlwind / Satan is Master, on the song, "The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. "

A new structural metaphor began to appear that we hadn't located in any of my research that pre-dated the 1960's. This metaphor was Nazi.

It continued to appear throughout the 1970's, and the Vietnam era in songs like, "Peace Train," by Cat Stevens: Nazis will now take their revenge / Lucifer is dangerous / Hebrew, he's a marked man. Now the Whirlwind. And in the song, "The Monster," by Steppenwolf There's Nazis in the Whirlwind.

However, Creedence Clearwater Revival's song, "I Heard It I Through the Grapevine," appears to typify the mood: Ah Jesus, no one wants him.

As the 1970's turned into the 1980's, the spirit of reversals in music turned again with songs like: "Patch It Up, " by Elvis Presley: Gotta warn 'em. Evil is happening. Evil is here, and "1984," by David Bowie: Please hear me, man. Don't hear Satan.

The general trend in the 1980's, remained the same with songs like, "Miss Me Blind," by Boy George, Hebrews! Satan smashed their faith. Oh Shame Hebrew man, and, "I Want to Make the World Turn Around, " by Steve Miller, It's an evil world we live / Sad Satan's world we live in.

The metaphors found in the songs of Bob Marley seemed to be caught between the two with his songs "Trench Town," Master. I'll fuck you bad, you're a Nazi, and "Give Thanks, " Christ is the way.

"What's My Scene" by the Hoodoo Gurus tells it all: The Earth is damned, Armageddon / You must receive his power. I makest war. Christ must come.

What the future will bring is anyone's guess, but with the current dramatic turn around in the world's political system maybe there will be something totally different.


So, are there satanic messages in rock 'n' roll? Yes, there are. Do they come from Satan? No, they don't. Are the rock artists putting them in their songs? Not intentionally. The unexplained backward messages found in music are simply another facet of Reverse Speech and contain metaphors that depict humanity's struggle to come to terms with itself and with the world in which we live.

Satanic messages. The very name is sinister. But, they're not satanic messages, unless one considers the unconscious mind to be satanic. Rather, they're metaphors from the unconscious that describe emotions, concepts, and behavioral patterns. And thus we come to the real source and purpose of "Satanic Messages" in music.

The conclusions that we subsequently drew were that these messages in music were merely one aspect of a far greater phenomena that occurred in all human speech. We called this new phenomena Reverse Speech.

At the end of 1987 our research into music ceased.

Reverse Speech has helped us to exorcise the "demons" previously thought to be haunting our melodies. It has helped us to shed some light on the fact that Satan, Lucifer, devils, and demons are primarily metaphors that express only a small part of the vast human experience.


1) William Poundstone, Big Secrets (London, Corgi Books, 1985), page 228.

2) Poundstone, op.cit., page 237.

3) Jeff Godwin, The Devil's Disciples (Chino, Chick Publications, 1985), page 147.

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11) Much of the following section was researched jointly with Greg Albrecht and myself and is documented extensively in our book, Beyond Backward Masking.

A Mythology
Third transcription by

C>\ And it came to pass that summer fell upon the land in the North where Setao and Ceb and Fej (1 + 1 + 1 = 3) labored at the temple construction site. Setao, not one to partake of the sunshine, returned to his homeland in the South where, strangely, the weather was cold and wet. Setao rejoiced and, after the great Southern ritual of rejuvenation called " Mates, Rellies, Barbies and Boozing" he returned once again to the North with his two offspring who were named "The Opposite Ones " . (1 + 2 = 3)

New workers began to arrive at the construction site anxious to participate and Setao and Ceb began to teach them lessons that the Great Wizard had relayed to them. Some screamed in fright as they saw the face of the temple, others lusted for power whilst some simply could not understand. But a small group saw and joined the workers. And the word began to spread throughout the entire Land of Setao and the golden temple of enlightenment.

Time passed and Ceb the dwarf became weary of the labor and sought solace once again at the abode of her friend Nylorac for an extended period of time. Setao grieved her absence but soon noticed that another worker labored silently in the shadows of the pillars. (3.1 + 1 = 3) Setao befriended this quiet worker named Nad The Elusive One and soon realized that Nad had a unique gift for working m the right side of temple. As he watched Nad working, Setao noticed that Nad seemed to be exceptionally skilled working in shadows of the great pillars. Setao asked Nad how he had learned this skill and Nad responded...

"0011011 1100101 0101011"

Setao's delight at this elusive character grew even more and he was pleased that he took " Adds With A Calculator And Understands Computers" as a wife, for she knew the hidden mysteries of Binary Code and was able to offer translations for Nad's elusive tongue.

"snoitamrofsnarT cimanyD" she said. Setao smiled. Then Nad spoke to the two Opposite Ones and they liked Nad the Elusive One. Setao was pleased and began to spend much time with Nad working in the shadows of the right side examining the blueprints of the great temple. After time, Setao even showed Nad his own chronicle of the work that he sealed deep within the inner sanctum.

Nad chuckled as he read Setao's chronicle. He understood. In the meantime Fej The Lanky had been busy with extra-curricular activities of his own and arrived at the construction site one day hand in hand with one of the new workers who had come from the wastelands of the North. And Fej announced to Setao and the workers gathered that they were to be wed. Setao laughed with a gigantic sound that shook the temple and he gave them his blessing, calling Fej's new mate "Ennyl The Studious".

So Setao and Fej and Nad and Ceb (in seclusion) assembled the apprentice workers and began to teach the Class Of Higher Instruction.

(1 + 1 + 1 + 9+ 9999 = " cannot compute")

And the temple grew.

CD\ C>\


Dear David,

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Analyst course and how valuable a tool I feel this information has been for me ... My interest in Reverse Speech is still strong, particularly what the Advanced classes might contain ... Again thanks for Reverse Speech.


Steve Bullion (Baton Rouge, LA)

Ed: You're most welcome. Reverse Speech is an amazing tool.

Dear Dave,

Metaphor Restructuring is somewhat scary to one who reads the journal and knows nothing really, except that which is printed ... Mate, the reversal control idea is nothing short of mind control and I believe it needs to be dropped ... And Reverse Speech analysts do it backwards. Come on fella!! That's pretty tacky and not at all Christ like. Please take my rebukes in love as they are meant to be.

God bless,

Steve Martin (Qld. Aust.)

Ed: I am surprised to see comments like this from you, Steve. I talk about reversal control in the lead article in this issue and regarding the other? My philosophy with Reverse Speech has been one of open research, and the publication of those results, without bias. I'm sorry you found the sex article tacky. Perhaps you need to look at something in your own life that this article has sparked off.

Hi Dave,

On German TV two nights ago, a local program called "DAS" presented a German man who could speak backwards. I'm not just talking about pseudo-backwards talking where people speak sentences backwards, but he actually spoke like we hear it on tapes!! (Phonetically.) ... He reported further that whole groups of Journeymen working in Hamburg Harbor have used backward speaking as a form of "secret language" for many years. That means they have trained themselves not only to understand reversed speech but to speak it as well, in a form of conversation ... The business is starting to get crowded. Huh! ... My (German) wife tells me that when she was going to school the school kids also used backward speaking as a form of secret language ... When I first started listening to tapes backwards she could hear. The reversals quicker than I could, even though she was in the kitchen at the time.

I'll be in touch,

Paul Von Stroheim (NSW. Aust.)

Ed: Interesting. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Dear David,

I've been thinking about the last six months (of the analyst course) and have come up with a good analogy of Studying Reverse Speech. It is like being sealed up in a bathyscape and lowered to the floor of the ocean. In my case, the lowering was fine, but I think I came up too fast and suffered a bad case of the "bends" ... I've come up with a insights about why I projected such a final analyst assignment on you ... It struck me as an actor, I have many times heard the director scream at me or other actors: "Project! Project! The last row has got to hear you as well as the front row." ... Not only have I learned the art of projecting as an actor but I also have a great ability to tune into those projected reversals and tune out all others... When I got to know you and the Reverse Speech class, I made the students into my siblings and you, David, into a conglomerate of my older brothers and my father ... I felt that finally I could unload the burden of 38 years onto you and so I dumped it all on you through that final analyst assignment.

Thanks for everything and I hope to see you soon.

Tom Mellett (Austin, Texas)

Ed: Thanks for the letter, Tom. It was a rough ride but we made it. Your letter has heightened one of the many challenges of teaching that we, on the board, are currently overcoming. Projection is one of them. I'm glad you have worked through it. Many don't. May God be with you.


I am interested in your work ... I work with spirit guides who are working hard with me to find the truth within undiscovered emotions, (hidden in speech) which they are working hard to have ME discover. I am destined to decipher babies cries etc... I would like to share this with you.

J. Brown (Colorado)

Ed: An interesting letter but I think that your "spirit guides" are just a little too late!

By: Ralph Thomas

Ralph Thomas heads the "Investigative Division" of the Research Institute. He is also Director of "The National Association Of Investigative Specialists Inc." He publishes their BI-monthly journal "Connections" The following two articles were submitted as partial consideration for his "Reverse Speech Investigative" certificate which he received. The first article on Jack Ruby continues the theme for an article he wrote in the June 1991 issue of BackTalk.


The following dialogue is the last press conference of Jack Ruby. The press conference was very short and recorded on the spot by a local television station. The quality was not good. This interview took place directly following Ruby's sentence. I have placed brackets around the forward dialogue where the reversals I found occurred - [ ]. The reversals are listed below the forward and are in bold type.

Ruby: "[Everything pertaining to what's happening has never come to surface.]" You dust him forever. Christ wasn't finished. You killed him.

Ruby: "[The world will never know the true facts] of what occurred, my motives, oh in other words, [I'm the only person] in the background [that knows the truth] pertaining to everything relating to my sentence." I pushed on my roll. Certainly not. Wish I wouldn't have.

Reporter: "Do you think it will ever come out?"

Ruby: "[No because, unfortunately], thank God they have so much to gain and have such an ulterior motive [to put me in the position I'm in, we'll never know the true facts]." He is the first, let's get one. I'm pushed to the limit. They asked me name 'em.

Reporter: "Are these people high places."

Ruby: "[Yes]." Hate them.

The forward dialogue certainly shows that the true facts concerning the assassination of Kennedy and the killing of Oswald is not now known and may never come to the surface. It is interesting that Ruby uses the word "everything" in his forward statement. He didn't use the words, "some facts", but implies that the whole story given to the American people is not true. Ruby is saying forward that he never revealed his true motive for the murder of Oswald. He .also indicates that he was forced to kill Oswald. Ruby also indicates forward that those who were involved would never permit the truth to come out.

I located seven reversals from the Ruby press conference...

You dust him forever.
Christ wasn't finished.
You killed 'em.
Wish I wouldn't have.
Certainly not.
I pushed on my roll.
He is the first.
Let's get one.
I'm pushed to the limit.
They asked me to name 'em.
Hate them..

The first reversal is a three sentence reversal, "You dust him forever. Christ wasn't finished. You killed him. " The forward dialogue where this occurs is: "Everything pertaining to what's happened has never come to the surface." This is an expansive reversal in which Ruby says that he murdered Oswald. The word "dust" is slang in the underworld. The sentence, "Christ wasn't finished", implies a mission that Ruby carried out. He later implies that he was forced into the mission to kill Oswald. This whole thing certainly implies that Ruby killed Oswald in order to silence him. My research and investigation set out in my book "Missing links" shows that the Dallas police and Captain Will Fritz thought they had Oswald at a point where he was about ready to break before he was taken down into the basement to be transferred to the county jail. It was at that time that Oswald was murdered by Ruby.

It is my opinion that Ruby's reversal, "Wish I wouldn't have", shows remorse for his killing of Oswald. This is an expansive reversal where Ruby says forward, "The world will never know the true facts." He is referring to his murder of Oswald which I conclude was a mission given him by unknown parties. This reversal is congruent with his forward statement that implies that he was forced into the mission which he never wanted to perform. His reversal, "I’m pushed to the limit. They asked me to name 'em", confirms this. In this reversal, I assume that Ruby is referring to law enforcement and government officials who interrogated him. They asked Ruby to name the other conspirators and Ruby implies in his reversal that he didn't name any names. From these reversals, my conclusion is that people within the government knew the assassination was a conspiracy but didn't know who the conspirators were.

The next reversal, "certainly not", is a contradictory reversal which negates Ruby's forward statement that he's the only one who knows the true facts. Ruby knew, therefore, that there were other people who knew the real story.

Ruby's reversal, "I pushed on my roll", is a first level reversal that picks up slang again from the underworld. "Push my roll", is slang that has to do with paying someone off. Roll refers to a roll of money. My research shows that Ruby always had a large roll of cash in his pocket. Push refers to pushing someone by giving them cash in return for a favor. It's a payoff. This reversal is corroborated with the ransom reversals found in the reversal analysis of police officials previously published. (Backtalk, June 1991)

Jack Ruby's reversal, "He is the first. Let's get one", is another first level reversal which is expansive as to his thoughts. It's my opinion that the first sentence, "He is the first", is referring to Oswald. Ruby is saying Oswald was the first person known to be involved in the assassination and that Ruby would like to see at least one of them caught. since he says, "Let's get one", there had to be at least two more persons involved.

Ruby's final reversal, "Hate them", is expansive. The reporter asked Ruby if the people involved were in high places. Ruby replies that they are. In reverse he says that he hates them. It's relevant to note that Ruby was found guilty and given the death penalty. His attorneys had appealed the sentence. It is not clear who the reporter or Ruby were referring to when the reporter asked the question about high officials.

Ruby later got sick and was transferred to a hospital. He has stated while in jail that he was being given injections he thought would kill him. Ruby died of cancer while in the hospital.


During the late evening hours in May of 1983 Diane Downs rushed into Springfield Oregon hospital with her three children all of whom had been shot. Diane Downs herself was shot in the arm. Two of the children died as a result of the incident and the third child was crippled for life. Diane Downs stated that they were shot by an unidentified male on a country road just outside of town. At first, the police took Downs' story at face value. The night of the incident they combed the area for a suspect. A few months after the incident Diane Downs was interviewed on a local television news program. Months later the police investigation pointed to Diane Downs as the prime suspect. She was finally charged with the murder of her children. Downs was tried and convicted of murdering her two children and shooting the other. The famous true mystery writer Ann Rule wrote a book about this crime called "Small Sacrifices".

Due to the fact that Diane Downs was interviewed on a local television before the police suspected her, I thought it would be interesting to obtain the sound track of this brief interview and make a reversal analysis of it. If it could be shown that Downs committed the crime before she became a prime suspect, the value of Reverse Speech as an investigative science could be shown. My contention was that a reversal analysis would show that Diane Downs was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and could have saved the police department many man hours of investigation that finally lead to Downs as the prime suspect. I located a video of the interview and made this analysis with reversal validity factors...

Diane: "[Everybody says] you sure where lucky. Well [I don't feel very lucky], I couldn't tie my damn shoes for about two months. [It is very] painful, it is still painful. I have a steel plate in my arm, I will for a year and a half. The, [the scar is going to be there] for ever. I'm going to remember that night for the [rest of my life whether I want] to or not. I don't think I was very lucky. I think my kids were lucky. [If I would have been shot the way they were] we all would have died. "

That's the end of it. V 4
I'm no good. V 5
I did it. V 5
Yeah, you did it. I like sin. V 4
I know, you tell them. V 4
You were there with them, I shot to help me. V 3

The first and second reversal ("That's the end of it / I'm no good") is internal dialogue of Diane Downs talking to herself It is very common in such a situation. That's the end of it, may have something to do with the end of the children's lives. "I'm no good" is Down's unconscious denoting feelings of guilt. The next two reversals (I did it / Yeah, you did it. I like sin) indicate beyond a reasonable doubt that she shot herself and very likely shot her children. She was not telling the truth in the forward dialogue. The next reversal (I know, you tell them) is internal dialogue indicating her unconscious desire to tell someone. This reversal is congruent with the first reversal. The last reversal, (You were with them, I shot to help me), adds further weight.

SeceiP N' stiB


This column has gone through a lot of changes over the last two years, probably struggling to find its identity. It was originally called "The Gossip Column", but most of our readers didn't like it, so we changed. Its main purpose is to talk about (and inject humor into) all the little tid bits of information that has been gathered, or is going on, in the world of Reverse Speech. So in the spirit of "gossip", we would like to congratulate Reverse Speech Analyst, Jeff Smiley and Trainee Lynne Neville, who announced their intention to get married at the final 1991 graduation analyst class. They shocked us all! Why didn't any of you budding analysts find that one in reverse? And Lynne - Is that why we haven't seen your final assignment yet? The young lovers have just moved about three blocks away from David Oates, halfway in between the Institute's main meeting and training center (The Holiday Inn at Jupiter). Sounds like a lot of reversing going on here, folks.


David Oates and Reverse Speech Trainee, Kay Hayden, had a minor disagreement at the fifth analyst class over the significance of some future tense reversals. Final as the light hearted interchange reached a climax, Kay jokingly said to David: "OK Do you want to bet on it?" David replied: "Yeah. I do. Ten Dollars!" He pulled a ten dollar note out of his wallet and gave it to Jeff Smiley. Kay pulled out ten one dollar notes and counted them out, one by one. At this point, Reverse Speech Trainee, Tom Mellet suddenly interjected. "Excuse me. Excuse me. Do you want to know a reversal I found on this transcript in contention?" Everyone stopped. "What!?" Tom replied, "Push ten. Count them all. Push is a betting word. We just saw it take place, down to the counting all the ones." Disbelief "Lets hear it." PUSH TEN. COUNT THEM ALL. OK. Was that a prediction of a future tense event on Kay's tape, or maybe an unconscious request for resolution of a situation that will take place in December? "No way", David says. Time will tell.

We pushed ten on it.


The New York Times published an article on Friday, July 5, 1991 entitled "Experts Find Deaf Can Hear At High Ultrasonic Ranges." The article detailed experiments conducted at The New York University Medical Center in Manhattan, with the hearing impaired. Through a unit designed to deliver frequencies at a range of 30,000 cycles a second (normal speech range falls between 300 and 3,000 cycles a second), the team of researchers have succeeded in making the deaf hear! At ultrasonic speeds! The researchers also used the equipment and Dr. Martin L. Lenhardt of the Medical College of Virginia stated: "Clearly there is a system that will respond to sound even in deaf people whose cochleas have been badly destroyed ... What amazed me is that when I first heard it, it sounded like speech. It was a high pitched squeaky kind of sound like old time voice synthesizers. "

The study continues to say that an organ in the ear called "The Saccule" may be responding to ultrasound. Although this organ is better known for its role in balance and the perception of movement, the saccule, a tiny gel-filled structure, could also act as a tuning fork, picking up ultra-sound vibrations and transmit them along the same pathway as signals travel from the cochlea to the brain.

Could this be another form of communication yet again? One step up from fourth level speech reversals (ultra high speed).


There has been many political controversies over the past year, but never before has the research Institute received as many inquiries for reversal analysis as it has on this current one. The Thomas confirmation hearings.' In fact, our phone has been ringing hot with people wanting to know the real truth behind the Anita Hill / Clarence Thomas sexual harassment allegations. Now, some thought the article on sex in last issue's Backtalk was tacky. But this one is REALLY tacky.

Why are people interested in the dirt in politics, with the secret dealings behind closed doors? We have never received any requests for analysis on some of the important stuff. With great reluctance, we do intend to publish some of the reversals found in the Thomas Hearings in this issue. Most of the transcripts are still being complied but we have already found these on Anita Hill as she was describing in detail some of the remarks Thomas allegedly made: "We had sex in the work / There was no refusal / We had sex at midnight."

For some initial observations, the word "sex" in speech reversals rarely refers to physical sex (those reversals always appear in a very phallic form), but rather refers to energy or stimulation on some level. So, one thing is for sure, what ever happened, Anita Hill sure seemed to be getting "something" from it. Read the article in the next couple of pages for more details.


Reverse Speech Developer, Greg Albrecht, who hails from the bush in South Australia, has been doing a lot of research lately with Oral Tradition, Metaphors and the principal of complementarity. Some of the students in the past analyst class found out the hard way how important complementarity is to the analysis of any session transcript. Anna Gault, does this ring any bells? Greg writes this small section in a manuscript he is currently preparing...

"... The complementarity of Reverse Speech and forward speech (where each relates to the other and is an extension of each other), should be considered in the light of other examples of complementarity that has been observed by science. The famous physicist, Niels Bohr, introduced the notion of complementarity to explain certain paradoxical phenomena of sub-atomic particles, namely the particle/wave paradox. Scientists were perplexed by the fact that sub-atomic particles behave simultaneously as particles, entities confined to a small space, and waves which are spread out over a large space. An electron or any other atomic object will display particle or wave characteristics depending on the experimental situation. Reverse Speech and forward speech likewise can only be audibly observed separately. Like the particle wave phenomena both paradoxically make up a two-faced single inextricable reality. Bohr suggested that the principle of complementarity would be a useful concept outside of physics, meaning that it would be useful to better understand other phenomena studied by scientists, and he was proven correct. Watson and Crick were able to better understand the structure of DNA through the principal of complementarity. They discovered that DNA is a double helix made up of two intertwined, complementary chains..."

By: David J. Oates

My four year old twin daughters, Jaye (on the left) and Symone (on the right) have been living with me in the United States for almost four months now. In that time, I have compiled a wealth of transcripts that have given me immense insight into who they are, their desires and needs, how they interact, their games and strategies etc. Structural metaphors are prolific in their speech, therefore very accurate personality profiles of them can be drawn. I intend to publish some of these in the next few issues of Backtalk, but will be leaving much of the material for my next book that is currently in the drafting process. In the meantime, here are some teasers.


Within five minutes of their birth July 7, 1987) I delivered a reversal whilst looking at them that said: "Hey, they're opposite." Little did I realize how true that statement was, for these girls have grown up to be completely opposite in both appearance and personality. Yet, in their reversals they have a bond and link that is inseparable. They communicate with each other constantly. They tell each other what to do and their reversals contain a strikingly high proportion of Link Reversals (usually very rare) as they come to a common decision or share a common experience.


On one occasion, Jaye did not want to eat some of her food. For several minutes she argued back and forth until finally beginning to cry. Look at this reversed conversation that transpired before she started to cry.

Jaye: My head spins
Symone: You have no answer
Jaye: My Goddess has some fun
Jaye: I will perform like mummy
Jaye: I must salt mum's look
Symone: Jaye. Cry!
Jaye: I must make me cry
Jaye: You will soon see me cry
Jaye: I'll now cry. Get the devil
--Jaye starts crying--
Jaye: Cast the devil
Jaye: I know when I test
Symone: Rave on. Goddess you

Note the progression. Her Goddess (or charmer) is going to have some fun. She accesses past experiences (ie: her mother in Australia) and copies her (salt mum's look). Symone realizes what is going on and she commands Jaye (Jaye. Cry!). As Jaye gets ready she accesses her devil (the mischievous part) and begins to cry. She is testing (probably her boundaries). Symone thinks Jaye went just a little too far (Rave on).


Printed below are a selection of reversals from various session transcripts. They are typical of the general spirit of the twin's personalities. Note the metaphors used. Note that Jaye is more defensive, angry and aggressive than Symone, needing support from many sources. Symone, on the other hand is more self confident and has a greater sense of herself. She is aware that she was born first (I know my little sister) and has great capacity for helping others.

I wolf everyone up
Wolfing I know
Need Daddy's wolf
Wolf now hold me
Feed my devil
I'm angry
I feel lost in this loving
I'm so flat
Worship me

I need more wisdom
Can I let the wolf go
I'm nervous, lonely
Wolf friend
Now we're loving you
I want to help
I know my little sister
Would you heal
God runs this band


In this small interaction, Jaye takes an opposite role and offers Symone support for some issue she is working through. This conversation was recorded as the twins were falling asleep, talking to each other.

Symone: My evil friend has come
Jaye: Let me hold your hand
Symone: My mind was fucked
Symone: Sad. There's no breeze
Jaye: Your wolf knows you
Symone: Answer all my garden

With this issue resolved the two girls drifted off to sleep. It was a Sunday night and the last reversal to occur was on Symone. It said: "Monday come." ...[END]...

The Clarence Thomas Hearings

The Clarence Thomas Senate confirmation hearings should have, been a normal procedure, where Judge Thomas' ability to serve as a Justice on the Supreme court was assessed and voted on by the Senate. But, allegations of sexual harassment arose and the hearings were turned into a tabloid circus. We made some of our editorial comments on this issue in the "Bits and Pieces" column and we have wrestled with ourselves since then, as the reversals were found, as to what we should publish and what we shouldn't. Our final decision was to publish some of those reversals that give an indication of the trend, and in the process make a statement about these hearings.

We find it inconceivable that an unproven charge, such as the one made, can be presented to the Senate with no recourse available on Thomas' part to defend these charges. We also feel that it is impossible to assess someone's character and the truth of their testimonies when one only has a small part of the picture. (Only 7% of the signals we communicate are verbal. Non verbal communication, of which Reverse Speech is one part, comprises 93% of all communicative signals). If the Senate considered using Reverse Speech (of which some Senators have knowledge of it) much of this charade could have been avoided.

We would also like to state that whilst all the reversals quoted in this section do exist and can be heard by anyone who has access to these tapes, the conclusions that we offer are based only upon our limited understanding of Reverse Speech at this current time, and we will accept no responsibility for any of the statements made in this section.

Anita Hill Testimony

The first observation that we made in Anita Hill's testimony is that there were virtually no reversals present that indicated whether she was telling the truth or not. Her reversals rather deal with strong emotions she has about "getting" Thomas. It is our belief that she "set it up" for her to testify, and she is thoroughly enjoying the experience, obtaining satisfaction over the damage that her testimony is causing. There are some reversals that indicate she is not telling the whole story, but is withholding some rather relevant facts.

Hill: "...[after approximately] three months of working there, he asked me to go out socially with him..". Give them the stuff (She is ready for battle)

Hill: " the time I considered (it) to be a [very good working] relationship. I had a normal social life with other men..." We both know (Both Thomas and Hill know the real truth?)

Hill: "...(I hoped) my employer would abandon his [social suggestion], however [to my regret] in the following few weeks he continued to ask me out. . . " The sex was so saucy / Played around (She enjoyed the alleged advances")

Hill: " working relationship [became even more strained] when Judge Thomas began to use [work situations to discuss sex], his conversations [were very vivid]..." Have sex with it. Show this girl / They let me rave (Once again she enjoys it and enjoys talking about it- "rave")

Hill: "...woman having sex with animals and films showing group sex or [rape scenes]..." This hero (Definite enjoyment)

Hill: "...I was extremely uncomfortable [talking about sex with him] at all.. . " I'm being careful (She is careful with what she says.)

Hill: "...[I told him that I did not want to talk] about these subjects..." I will fuck. No one can doubt it (Do we have a loose woman here or someone out to destroy?)

Hill: "...I remember him saying that some day I would [have to tell him] the real reason I would not go out with him." My heart is black (What does this mean? Racial loyalty conflicts? Some interesting complementarity)

Hill: "...he asked [if he could take me] to dinner..." Just forgive me

Hill: "...He said that if I ever told anyone of his behavior it would ruin his career. This was not an apology [nor was it an explanation]. That was his last remark about the possibility of [our going out], or reference to his behavior. Telling the world is the [most difficult experience] of my life..." The shame of standard is the wound / Why no loving / You won't repeat some (Did she "shame" Thomas' public standard? What is it that she won't repeat?)

Hill: " . . . [It took no initiative to inform anyone]. I took no initiative to inform anyone but when I was asked by a representative of this committee to report my experience..." Now we make night news. Raise the sin. No one forced it (She likes the publicity and was not forced into it.)

Hill: " [instance in his office at the EOC where he discussed] some [pornographic] material where he brought up the substance or the contents [of pornographic] material." Sex in the whirl. He'll see there's a pause in my answer / You paid me off thus far / He paid me off (Who paid her off?)

Hill: "...[the name that (Thomas) referred to was long Dong Silver]." It was not long. There was no refusal. I made them up (Certainly no reluctance here. What was not long?)

Hill: "...[Yes, they were very ugly]. They were very dirty and [they were disgusting]." I rival my sin / We had sex in the work (She enjoyed it and she was definitely up for it.)

Senator: "[Can you tell us what he said]?" I see your sword in (Good observation)

Hill: "Well, I can tell you that [and he compared] his penis size. [He measured his] penis in terms of length. Those kinds of comments." The rave must be heavy / You shame here (She is strongly internally motivated to cause harm in the hearings.)

Senator: " . . . [well do you recall anything] at all about anything related to that." I have a warning. I feel a lot of evil (He knows what's going on)

Hill: "...[I did discuss it with] Sue Hershner. [She was a friend of mine] and someone I confided in... Sue, we had sex at midnight / I'm in love with her. (She likes her friend)

Hill: " . . . [I was really upset]. I felt like my job could be taken away..." Goddess squealings, the rat hole(Is she squealing on Thomas? And Rat hole? We have never heard this word in reverse before but it doesn't sound nice. Who's the rat? Who's in the hole?)

Senator: "Do you have a martyr complex?"

Hill (reply): "[No. I don't]." Boy, I warn you (she doesn't like that question - an aggressive woman)

Hill: "...I do not have that kind of complex. I don't like [all the attention that I'm getting]. I would not, even if I liked the [attention]. I would not [lie to get] attention." You like man in the sexy war They're sniffing / Fagot

Thomas Testimony

Thomas is definitely not an innocent party in this entire business, but then neither is Anita Hill. His reversals are phallic and disturbing. It is our opinion, based on Thomas' and Hill's reversals, that the two had a brief affair. Thomas wanted just sex, Hill wanted more. She sees sex as a means to obtain power and position and maybe she got just that out of it. But, sexual harassment? No way! Whatever happened, advances, teasing or an actual affair (the reversals are not specific), these were two willing and consenting adults in a situation that ultimately did not work. Hill is out to destroy, Thomas just wants to forget it happened.

Thomas: "...but either myself or [the chief of staff would have] to honor it. . . " Her pants, the feasting was somebody (Phallic flashback)

Thomas: "...I don't [know Senator. If I knew] I would not have been as perplexed as I am (why she is bringing these charges)..." We love her but it slowed (He does know, reversal indicates the relationship began to wind down)

Thomas: "...during the time that [she worked with me], she was [not perfect but] there would seem to be that there was nothing that would suggest she would do this to me. . . " Him with no wisdom / Love get rough (He did not do this very carefully)

Thomas: "...(There was not) as I have [indicated, any] discussion or [pornographic material] or any attempt to ever date Anita..." Meet your dick / Don't wear wisdom (His sex drive overpowers his common sense)

Thomas: "...[again, I'm not a psychologist or a psychiatrist]..." Now sourcing the luck lass that I made (He helped her with her career as a result???)

Thomas: "...take care of your assignment and would [be more involved] with the special assistants. [My suggestion] to you would be that the committee spent some time with the people who worked there. . " There was no need / Search the scum

Thomas: "...I have people who worked with me who [had not seen any such activity] who did not corroborate these activities..." Feel a bit cursed. I seem to be stung (Yes, we think he was stung, very effectively by a vicious woman)

Thomas: "...I believe this may be a quote on my enemy [and I refuse to believe that] and argue with him. . . " I feel the disease running (What disease is he referring to?)


There was no sexual harassment. Something happened between the two people that was consented to by both parties. Hill is after blood. The sense we get is that of a woman scorned. Both parties were not telling the whole truth. Personal details that should have never been brought before the Senate, has disgraced and degraded the entire process. However, they did come out and the information is now public domain, including the reversals. Based on these reversals we would have doubts over Judge Thomas' credibility and we certainly wouldn't let our college kids anywhere near Anita Hill.

This publication will continue to monitor and publish reversals on political events and seek to obtain extra publicity concerning our results. We hope that eventually, public figures will decide to be more honest in their testimonies. Reverse Speech is the ultimate Truth Detector. There is just one thing we are puzzled about. The Gates confirmation hearings to determine whether he will be the next head of the CIA were transpiring at the same time. Why did we get no requests for analysis of this most important position? [END]